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Do you own a beauty supply store, online retail store, salon, natural grocery store, subscription box or boutique? Great! We should be partners. Send us an email at cachoshair@gmail.com for wholesale price list. Obrigada!

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Here's Our Commitment to You, the Environment and the People  

Our Partnership
We promise to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. We're courteous and helpful. Orders usually ship within 2 weeks of purchase.  We work very closely with our partners to ensure a successful partnership.
100% Sustainability & Cruelty-Free

We're proud to work with reputable suppliers directly in the region that work with non-timber forests products and do not support deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. The vegetable oils and butters are grown in the wild and aren't harmed by the harvest of their fruits and seeds.  We do not support testing on animals and our ingredients are either all natural or plant-based.

Social Responsibility

In addition, all oils and butters are harvested and prepared by the local Brazilian community.  It has created several jobs and opportunities. At Cachos Brazil we're passionate about environmental conservation and social responsibility in beauty care. 

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Here at Cachos Brazil we pride ourselves on offering The best quality oils and butters found in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in each of our products.  The Rainforest has many hidden gems to sustain the body from head to toe.  Brazil has an extensive history of utilizing the earth's resources for hair and body care. These natural extracts have been used by the Amazon community for centuries for it's benefits in both healing properties and beauty care.  We carefully selected some of the best oils and butters.  Our hair and skin deserve the best that nature can offer and you can count on Cachos Brazil to fly it's gifts to your door.


Thank you for your interest in Cachos Brazil.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Obrigada!