The Evolution of Combing Cremes in Brazil

The evolution of combing creams in Brazil is a fascinating journey that shows the changes in beauty norms and a growing appreciation for natural hair patterns. Combing creams, also known as "creme de pentear" in Portuguese, have been an important part of Brazilian hair care culture for many years.

In the past, combing creams were primarily used as detanglers to ease the process of untangling knots and combing through the hair. It was a once size fit’s all approach to hair care. It kept our hair moisturized but not styled. However, as time went on, there was a significant shift in attitudes towards hair and beauty standards in Brazil. This cultural shift led to a demand for hair care products that could bring out our natural curl patterns.

In response to this demand, combing creams in Brazil evolved from being just detanglers to becoming multifunctional hair care products.For example our Creams here at Rio Curls are styling aids, deep conditioners, moisturizers, and protective agents all in one. Also, Let’s not forget Leave-in conditioners. It’s another product that was heavily influenced by combing creams.Leave-ins are light weight but so important from one wash day to the next. This is all so exciting to me. Our voices do matter and it has the power to change an entire industry.