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Brazilian secret to hair growth and length retention is in a great moisturizer.

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Rooted Shine: Promoting Hair Growth with Rio Curls

Oi! Welcome to Rio Curls. We redefine hair care with tradition and rooted values. Our brand cherishes authenticity, cultural customs, and a strong commitment to effective hair care. Discover the essence of Rio Curls.

What Curly Hair Product Should I Use? Starter Kit

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The Evolution of Combing Crème in Brazil

The evolution of combing creams in Brazil is a fascinating journey that shows the changes in beauty norms and a growing appreciation for natural hair patterns. Combing creams, also known as "creme de pentear" in Portuguese, have been an important part of Brazilian hair care culture for many years.

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Hair schedule, also known as "cronograma capilar," is 30 to 90 day hair care routine aimed at restoring, hydrating, and nourishing the hair according to its specific needs. It consists of three main steps: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction,


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