Cachos Brazil Product Catalog

5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Crème 

A 5 in 1 creme that can be used as a  curl defining creme,  moisturizer, deep conditioner, pre-shampoo treatment and a detangler. Brazilian Combing Crème is a revolutionizing deep moisturizer. It offers amazing curl definition as it coats and shapes every strand and control frizz. It smoothes the cuticles back into alignment. As a deep conditioning treatment its enriched with fatty acids that deeply infuses the hair with nutrients and vitamins. It helps replenish, hydrate and treat the hair. Plus it seals in moisture for maximum hydration, quenching dry hair. As a detangler this emollient crème provides plenty of slip to reduce friction, the comb glides through tangles to prevent breakage and knots. Combing Cremes is an ideal hair primer as it coats each strand to protect the hair during the styling process and weather damage. During 2nd day hair, the crème reactivates your curl just by spraying water to your hair. Make sure to adopt Brazilian Combing Crème as part of your healthy hair regimen. It truly is the best thing that happened to curly hair.

Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner 

An intense leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, protects & detangles. Rio Mist is packed with rich emollients, vitamins and nutrients. Our lightweight leave-in conditioner offers superior conditioning, protection and softness. It binds to the hair shaft, coating the hair and sealing its surface with moisture. It tames frizz, flyaways and melts away tangles easily. The result is shiny, hydrated, well-conditioned and protected hair. 

Low Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir 

Low Porosity Hair Elixir is a powerful multi-purpose hair oil used for hair growth,  scalp care, anti-itch, root booster, pre-shampoo/hot oil treatment, detangler, and frizz control.  It's quick absorption action, penetrates tight cuticles found in low porosity hair to prevent frizz,  prevent daily scalp build-up, nourish the hair, melt away tangles and boost hair growth.  Also, use this elixir to break the hard cast of gel aka "scrunch out the crunch".

Packed with elasticity increasing properties, and scalp cleansing properties, it boosts the roots, replenishes and strengthens hair strands against daily damage.  

High Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir for Colour Treated Hair

High Porosity Hair Elixir is a necessary restorative hair oil to add 2x times the volume to porous, dull and color-treated hair.  Ideal for hair growth, scalp care, scalp blood flow stimulation, anti-itch, root booster, pre-shampoo/hot oil treatment, detangler, and frizz control.  This blend helps to fill in the gaps and tears found in high porosity hair by penetrating the hair shaft to deposit nutrients and seal in cuticles to prevent moisture loss, thicken the hair, to prevent frizz,  soothe the scalp, nourish the hair, melt away tangles and boost healthy hair growth.  Also, use this elixir to break the hard cast of gel aka "scrunch out the crunch".

Rich in Omega-9 and fatty acids, it replenishes and thickens hair strands, protects against daily damage, smooths frizz and adds shine to seal in oil.

LOC/LCO Styling Kit- Choose between Low or High Porosity Hair 

Your favorite products in a convenient 4 oz. set. Favorites like Brazilian Combing Creme Rio Mist &  Elixir, your hair will be moisturized and protected from sun damage. Our Copacabana KIt offers protection, style, moisture, softening and shine. 

Low Porosity Hair Butter 

Low Porosity Hair Butter is a natural styler, moisture sealant and damaged ends treatment. The perfect remedy for chronically dry hair, damaged ends and frizz.  Low Porosity Hair  Butter delivers long-lasting hydration,  controls frizz, helps prevent split ends, strengthens and hydrates damaged ends. Use it to achieve your most moisturized twist-out/braid-out, define your curl, style, rod set & and re-twisting. It also works great to regrow /nourish your edges.  Use it on wet or dry hair.

Pre-shampoo Treatment 

Strengthen, repair and restore your hair with just one application of the Pre-Shampoo Treatment.  Our Brazilian ingredients work in harmony to deeply penetrate the hair cuticles.  Replenishing lost nutrients & keratin to dry damaged, thirsty hair from the inside out.  Allowing the hair to hold on to moisture longer, to control frizz, rejuvenate and revive dry lifeless hair.  Nourish your ends and edges to prevent split ends and thinning.  Experience the difference for yourself with just one application.  

Avocado & Yucca Protein Treatment Mask

When your hair is dry, damaged, breaking off, splitting at the ends or lacks volume, it may be a sign that it's highly in need of a protein treatment.  Our protein treatment is a strong blend of Ayuverdic & Amazonian ancient practices. The hair naturally has a protein called keratin. Keratin can begin to break down due to the usage of chemicals, heat, environment and even grooming. The best way to restore the hair is to give it what it has lost, protein.  Adding a protein treatment to your routine is highly recommended in order to strengthen the hair and replenish any loss of amino acids. Leaving your hair full of bounce, shine, suppleness and life.

Rice & Amla Anti-Breakage Treatment 

Our Rice & Amla Anti-Breakage treatment is a blend of Ayuverdic & Amazonian ancient blends. It's rich in nutrients that help nourish and strengthen your hair. It adds moisture to the hair shaft, calm frizz, minimize hair fall and flyaways. Making your hair smooth, strong, and silky.

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