Rio Curls Product Catalog

    5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Crème 

    Discover the Secret to Perfect Curls - Our 5 in 1 Hair Cream Delivers Definition, Moisture, Conditioning, Slip, and Nourishment, All with One Product! Say Goodbye to Dull, Lifeless Curls and Hello to Gorgeous, Bouncy, and Shiny Locks.  Try it now and experience the ultimate curly hair cream! 

    • Multi-purpose
    • Use as a styler or deep conditioner,
    • Deeply hydrates your curls.
    • Great detangler.
    • Gives your curls bounce & shine.
    • Controls frizz and aligns your cuticles.
    • Deposits much needed nutrients and vitamins. 
    • Curly hair products for humidity


    Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner 

    A gentle leave-in, moisturizer and detangler that will awaken dull and dry hair through deep hydration, all this without weighing down your hair.

    • Moisturize dry dull curly hair longer.
    • Strengthens your hair for easy detangling. 
    • Protect your hair from daily environmental damage.
    • Nourish, repair and protect your hair cuticles.
    • Pairs well with other products. 
    • Use as the liquid in LOC/LCO method
    • For all hair types

    Low Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir 


    lightweight hair oil that easily absorbs into the hair, scalp & prevents build-up. It boosts your hair growth, nourishes your edges, controls frizz and beautifully seals the cuticles with moisture. Plus, it stimulates blood flow and balances the scalp's natural oils. Your natural and curly hair will be deeply nourished, sealed, protected and moisturized.


    • Easily penetrates low porosity hair.
    • Length retention.
    • Melts away tangles.
    • Balances the scalp's natural oil production.
    • Soothes itchy scalp.
    • Smooths split ends
    • Pre-shampoo & hot oil treatment. 
    • Prevents build-up. 

    High Porosity Hair & Scalp Elixir for Colour-Treated Hair

    A restorative hair oil that adds 2x the volume, repairs damage, moisturizes, fights frizz, split ends, conditions your scalp and defines your curl pattern. Plus, it nourishes your scalp for thicker hair. Leaving your curly hair fully sealed with moisture, soft, shiny and full of life.

    • Great for color treated hair.
    • Anti-breakage/length retention.
    • Use as pre-shampoo or hot oil treatment
    • Stimulate hair follicles with scalp massage
    • Conditions split ends & hair cuticles.
    • LOC/LCO method, wash and go and protective styles.


    Pre-shampoo Treatment 

    A quick action all natural hair treatment that repairs, replenishes moisture, restores & protects against breakage on wash day. It prevents dryness during shampooing & boosts the effectiveness of your hair conditioner. Resulting in revitalized, deeply nourished & healthy curls

    • Adds extra moisture to dry hair.
    • Boosts the effectiveness of hair conditioner.
    • Makes detangling easier.
    • Anti-breakage nourishment.
    • Promotes softer & vibrant curls.
    • Protects from shampoo harshness.