Low Porosity Hair

    Low Porosity Hair

    Low porosity hair is caused by tight cuticles that inhibit moisture from entering the hair.  It doesn't mean that your hair is damaged it just has a specific need, which is moisture penetration.   Products with harsh ingredients like silicones can create a barrier that keeps moisture from entering your hair; resulting in dry damaged hair from the inside out.   The main goal is to moisturize the hair. Another problem that can cause low porosity hair to turn high porosity is co-washing or cleansing conditioners. 

    Also, the hair is very prone to build up.  Shampooing is a must, build up must be removed.  Another thing to note when you shampoo is the cuticles open a bit and that’s a great opportunity to deep condition your hair to deposit nutrients & vitamins into the hair to strengthen the hair against breakage and thinning.  One of the most important suggestions that we give here at Cachos Brazil is bi-weekly Pre-Shampoo treatments or deep conditioning. There're many benefits to pre-shampooing your hair.  It prepares hair for the manipulation the hair endures during wash day by softening the hair.  It coats the hair with natural oils to strengthens the hair's structure to prevent breakage and improve elasticity. Also improves or restore keratin production.

    Low porosity hair tend to be protein sensitive, it may have a reverse effect on the hair.  Instead of conditioning and hydrating, the hair may feel brittle and dry.  Protein sensitive doesn't mean you should never use protein and it just means less often.  

    -Coarse hair tends to tolerate proteins less often than fine to medium hair.  Excessive usage may leave the hair dry, brittle and lifeless.  


     Products we recommend:

    Brazilian Combing Crème or Twisting Crème are both a styler and detangler. these vitamin-packed creams provide moisture, curl definition & conditioning. Designed for all hair porosity levels.

    Low Porosity Hair Butter is a natural alternative styler that contains all natural oils and butter. It's designed to coat the hair to lock in a huge amount of moisture and penetrate the cuticles for nutrient deposits.

    Pracaxi Oil Hair Serum is a superior choice for low, medium & high porosity hair, superior to argan. Known for its amazing gloss, conditioning, sealing, regeneration and nourishing properties. It strengthens the hair's structure to prevent breakage. In addition, it penetrates the hair shaft to improve keratin production. Referred to as a natural silicone and conditioner it helps protect hair from damage, improves water retention and softens the hair. 

    Andiroba Oil Is Ideal for scalp and thinning hair treatments as a leave-in oil.  It softens, improves hydration and strengthens the hair.

    Low Porosity Elixir is a hair growth oil blend that absorbs quickly to deeply penetrate tight cuticles and fights thru the hair’s resistance to moisture. It hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes hair leaving it stronger, healthier and with more brilliance.

    Pre-Shampoo Treatment restores natural keratin, moisture, elasticity, shine and manageability to dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair. It strengthens the hair's structure to prevent breakage during daily hair manipulation, weather, and shampooing. It's also ideal for scalp care to help with beautiful healthy growth. Pre-Shampoo Treatment is the first step to a lustrous and healthy hair growth, make it part of your wash day. 

    Rio Mist is an intense leave-in conditioner that is both a moisturizer and a primer. Rio Mist is packed with rich emollients, vitamins, and nutrients. Our lightweight leave-in conditioner offers superior conditioning, protection and softness. It binds to the hair shaft, coating the hair and sealing its surface with moisture.  Any porosity but especially beneficial to low porosity hair for its light consistency.