Winter is Coming!

    November 14, 2016

    Grace Santana


     Here Are Some Valuable Tips.

    The winter months can be brutal to our hair; during these months breakage and moisture loss is the main concern.  Here are some tips on how your hair can survive the cold.

    Conditioning! Conditioning! Conditioning!

    Your hair is going through a lot during these cold months it needs lots of love and care. It loses moisture which can lead to breakage.  Deep condition your hair once or twice a month.  Wash your hair apply a treatment of choice then put on a shower cap.  At this time you may choose to apply low heat as heat does help steam the benefit of the treatment into the hair shaft.  Low porosity hair types I recommend applying heat to force moisture into those tight cuticles.

    Go Easy on Your Hair and Use a Mild Shampoo.

    Harsh surfactants in shampoo can strip away the natural oils of our hair which we can't afford to lose.  So find a mild shampoo or oil cleanse.  Try not to wash your hair too often during the winter months. Again the goal is to preserve the hair's natural oil.

    Pre-Poo Oil Treatment 

    Oil treatment prior to washing has several benefits. One It's a great time to detangle the hair. Second pre-poo treatments help protect the hair form ingredients in shampoo that may strip our natural oils.

    Protect Your Ends

    Trim your hair at least once during the winter months to prevent breakage. I know we don't want to lose length but it's part of our hair journey.

     Avoid too Much Heat

    Heat is not our friend during these months when the hair tends to be more fragile and loses moisture fairly quickly.  

    Rock your Protective Styles

    It's important to protect our ends. I recommend any style that helps shelter those ends from the cold.  Hats and Scarfs is a wonderful way to protect our hair as well.  



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