Why I created Cachos Brazil Hair Care

    Why I created Cachos Brazil Hair Care

    Hello everyone, my name is Grace and I wanted to share with you the reason why I created Cachos Brazil Hair Care. Cachos Brazil is more then a brand to me. It represents self love, acceptance and community. Hair care is a generational practice for my family. I was taught to whip up and combine Brazilian oils and butters to care of my chemically treated hair to maintain it's health. However the road to wearing my hair naturally took a few years. Growing up, naturally curly was seen in Brazil as undesirable and very much ridiculed. I was an adult before I began to heal from the bullying experienced as a child for having curly hair. The self love and courage of a growing curly hair community years later motivated me to take a good look in the the mirror and begin to love the curves and coils of my hair.  Once I removed those mental blockages a new passion was born which was sharing my knowledge of Brazilian ingredients with our community. This new found love gave me the platform to share my expertise with curlies from around the world who share a similar story and need.  

    Founded December, 2017

    When our family decided to relocate from Brazil to the United States with a suitcase and a dream we brought with us many generational practices such as hair and skin care practices.  Our understating of oils and butters blends and benefits comes from a rich family history of utilizing the earth's resources for personal beauty care. Witnessing Brazilians celebrate their natural hair through social media and social events was one of the motivations to create Cachos Brazil and share our expertise with naturals and curlies from around the world. 


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