What in the World is Bubble Hair? And How Do I Keep from Catching It?


    September 26, 2017

    Grace Santana

    Bubble hair is a hair shaft abnormality that occurs when excessive heat is applied to damp or wet hair.    The heat from hot appliances to the hair causes the water inside the hair fiber to boil and the air to expand with the creation of air pockets in the hair shaft. The bubbles or air-filled spaces cause cracks and holes in the cuticles.  The hair fiber is damaged from the inside out, leaving the hair dry, wiry, with patchy loss of hair due to excessive fragility. 



    How Do I Prevent Bubble Hair?


    Avoid applying heat to the hair every day, 

    1.   to maintain your straight hair try wrapping the hair with bobby pins as part of your night routine

    2. To maintain your curls try the pineapple method.  Try securing your curl by pining the hair


    Do not use a flat iron or curling iron to style wet hair. Blow dry hair when it's damp, not soaking wet.  Excessive steam is an indicator that your hair may be boiling.

    Apply some sort of heat protector to add a protective layer against direct heat.

    Adjust heat setting as needed, don't automatically turn the dial to a high setting.


    What If I Already Have Bubble Hair?

    Adopt a high porosity hair care routine, which will help fill the gaps in the cuticles. 

    Ensure your hair is moisturized.

    Apply a hair treatment consistently and more often,  we recommend our Babassu Restorative Treatment.




    Regular trims will also assist in returning your hair into a healthy state once again.


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