Top Curly Hair Tips for Healthier Hair

    Top Curly Hair Tips for Healthier Hair

    Thanks to our growing curly and natural hair community, our hair has become a lot easier to
    understand. We know that curly and natural hair is usually dry and oil deprived since the natural oils of our hair have a hard time traveling down to the ends of the hair. Our hair type needs to retain moisture and oils. There’re many methods to achieve such a task and the information is available. The trick is to find what works for you. But once we do know what works, it’s an amazing feeling.


    Our Top 3 Curly Hair Tips
    1. Focus on the crown of your hair. Spend extra time cocktailing and working the products into the hair. The crown of our hair is the highest point of our head. Therefore, It’s the most exposed and manipulated causing thinning, breakage and damage. When oiling or massaging the scalp, spend more time on the crown. Low porosity hair: use a light leave-in to protect the area between washdays. High porosity hair: use a leave-in and crème to protect the crown between washdays.


    2. Find a hair method that works for you. Two of the most popular methods are LOC & LCO. As we know the L stands for liquid, O for oil and C for crème. Although these 2 methods may work for some, it may not work for you. You may need to modify the method by using water instead of a leave-in or a gel or mousse instead of a crème. You don’t want to over cocktail your hair. Do what works for you.

    3. When trying to figure out what works for you or discovering a new hair brand, try one product at a time. For example, you just purchased Cachos Brazil LOC/LCO Kit which includes Rio Mist Leave-In, 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Crème & Hair Elixir. Try using the leave-in and your gel or mousse of choice to see how your hair responds. Repeat the same tip with the hair crème and other cocktailing products. Knowing what your hair wants is the key to finding a successful hair care routine.

    More tips on the next article from Cachos Brazil Hair Care

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