Combing creams are used by 83% of Brazilians

    The Importance of Brazilian Combing Creme in Brazil

    Have you ever been to the Isle of a hair supply store and you become utterly confused? There are so many products to choose from and you don't know where to begin. With so many recommended hair care products from hair stylists on YouTube and from friends, it can be difficult to pick out a good product for your hair. You might end up stacking tons of products that will damage the roots of your hair.  If you fall into this category, keep reading as this article will introduce you to a new trending product.


    Before delving into introducing the new product, these are a bit of information that will help you get healthy hair.  The first thing you need to understand is that every individual’s hair is unique. They differ in curl pattern, porosity, and texture, each requiring a different hair care method. This is the reason why there are a lot of debates that centers on topics like “hair care products vs. good hair care regimen”. While both are viable and effective, they both work hand in hand to produce better results.

    Also, while some individuals require a lot of products to tame their mane, others use only water. This is the reason why stacking a lot of products do not necessarily guarantee the best results. The best way to get a good care regimen is to be observant and watch how your hair reacts to different products, sift through, and eventually pick which is the best option.


    Fortunately, there have been recent developments in hair care products that are good for all hair types. Of course, you would have to incorporate them into your personal hair care regimen to achieve complete results. One of these is combing cremes.


    What Are Combing Cremes?

    If you're really up to speed with different methods utilized by women globally to care for their hair, you have probably heard about combing cremes. However, like a lot of other individuals, you might be wondering what exactly they are and what are their uses.

    Combing cremes also known as the creme de pentear as it is called in Brazil, is very popular in Latin America, with Brazil having a higher population of people who utilize it.  For years, combing cremes have been a staple for Brazilians as it is considered an essential part of their hair care regimen. It possesses a lotion like consistency and serves a lot of purposes when added to a hair care regimen.

    It is great for every hair type and can be used by individuals of all ages.


    Benefits Of Using Combing Cremes

    The following are a few benefits users of this products have experienced over the years, that has led to the popularity of this hair care product;


    A Great Moisturizer

    All hair types require moisture to thrive. It is not new to hear every hair care enthusiast swear by water-based hair care product. Combing cremes hydrate the hair keeping it healthy, and shinier.


    It Helps Fights Frizz

    The presence of frizz in hair can make wearing slick and laid down hairstyles difficult. center, combing cremes fights frizz and would ensure you rock any hairstyle of your choice.


    Premium Detangler

    For women or men with very textured hair, detangling is essential to prevent breakage and ensure growth. Combing cremes do not only moisturize the hair but also helps in detangling the hair.  All you need to do is massage a small amount until sections of your hair and use a comb or finger to detangle.


    Acts As A Primer

    Combing cremes do not only make your hair more hydrated and luster it also protects it from damage. Applying so many products for styling your hair can damage the roots fo your hair after a while. Combing cremes acts as a primer before application of hair styling products commences.


    Reactivation Of Products

    It is not advisable to apply new sets of hair care products on your hair every day. This can have detrimental effects in the long run. You can apply combing cremes 2-3 days after the initial styling process. The creme activates the products and would have your curls pop.


    Maximized Hair Growth

    A good hair care regimen can increase hair growth in months. There are, however, two major problems a lot of women struggle with when it comes to achieving hair growth; actual hair growth and length retention. Contrary to popular belief, our hair grows every single day. It is unnoticeable but it does happen. The problem, however, is length retention, without proper care the new fragile growth is easily lost through breakage.

    For women with very textured hair that are prone to tangling which does lead to breakage, proper hair maintenance can help retain length. Finger detangling or using a comb after applying a combing creme allows your hair to detangle freely. This means you do not have to tug at it while combing.


    Versatile Hair Styling

    Since combing cremes provides your hair with enough moisture and helps detangle every curl that can occur as a result of having textured hair, it helps to style easier. There are several hairstyles that you might want to wear, but because it won’t be slick, smooth, and neat you opt for another. Next time, applying a small portion of combing creme and using a styling brush might be all you need.


    Combing cremes are very convenient and easy to use. As a matter of fact, in Brazil, a lot of people


    take it around and apply it if the weather becomes too humid. This is the reason why a lot of people usually refer to it as the BB cream for hair.


    How To Purchase The Combing Cremes

    There are several brands that produce combing cremes in Brazil. Even though they are all combing cremes, the components might differ.

    Fortunately, have got the best combing crème products that won’t put a hole in your pocket.



    Combing cremes are revolutionary, convenient, go to products with awesome benefits that are meant for everyone. It is also versatile as it can be used by all regardless of the hair type. This hair care product should be incorporated into every regimen for excellent results. It is simply a must-have for every individual.

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