Protect Your Crown, Literally Tips on How to Protect your Hair this Summer, Especially the Crown of Your Hair.


    May 30, 2017

    Grace Santana


    Are you ready for another summer season?  Vacations, beach, swimming pool, beautiful sunny days.  Who doesn’t enjoy summer time, well our hair.  Keeping our hair beautiful, bouncy and hydrated isn’t an easy task.  The UVA and UVB rays can affect the crown, leading to access breakage.  Salt water and chlorine can cause dryness and brittle hair.  Excessive sweating can lead to build up on the scalp, dandruff and itching.  What to do?

    The Dangers of Summer to the Hair

    • The UVA and UVB rays can cause loss of keratin, destroy and oxidize the hair. 


    • Excessive sun exposure can burn the scalp and cause it to flake.


    • Saltwater opens the cuticle of the hair, leaving it dry and dull. Because it removes all the water present in the hair. The result is damaged hair.


    • The sand in contact with salt and with the wind makes the hair super frizzy. Hair Care Tips


    •  Use a good leave-in.  It forms a film on the hair that helps in protection. Low porosity hair use a light leave-in.  High porosity hair should opt to use heavier leave-in. Avoid product on the root.


    • Apply vegetable oils like: Buriti oil, argan, sesame, pumpkin seed, or a vegetable butter. At Cachos Brazil our favorite is Buriti Oil aka the tree of life for its ability to protect the hair from sun damage.  Use it on damp hair since the goal is sun protection.


    • Always rinse the hair with regular water after a swim in the sea or pool. If you do not have a shower nearby, use a bottle of mineral water.


    • Avoid exposing your hair to the harshness of a hair dryer or flat iron.


    • Wear a hat or cap so you do not put a lot of stress on the crown of the hair.


    • Avoid hair products that contain alcohol.


    • Mix cold water with a teaspoon of honey, and spray in the hair during the day, if you feel that the weather is very hot and your hair is dry.


    • Massage you scalp with a vegetable oil that’s suitable for scalp treatment such as Andiroba oil and Cachos Brazil Pre-Shampoo Treatment.


    • Overnight treatments is your best friend as it helps recover part of the lipids that were lost due to sun exposure.  Cachos Brazil Hydration Lipids Hair Butter was designed to restore and protect the hair from environmental harm. 







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