Is Your Hair Growth Oil Really Growing Your Curls?

Is it really your hair growth oil that’s growing your hair? Hair growth oils are great they can stimulate fast hair growth. But how do you maintain that growth once the hair is out of your scalp and exposed to the environment and grooming? It has different needs. So, I ask the question is it your hair oil that will protect that new hair growth throughout the entire growth cycle? So, here’s a Brazilian hair secret for you-It’s the moisturizer that’s keeping your newly stimulated hair growth from snapping, splitting, and drying out. It’s the moisturizers that are going to help you protect and maintain your length. Your hair is long because it’s moisturized, and oils alone can’t do that because it needs moisture to thrive. 


5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme

Our moisturizers here at Rio Curls are so nutrient-rich that it helps replenish and introduce vital vitamins and lipids into the hair. So yes hair oils do stimulate hair growth but an oil alone can’t do the job. Hair growth is a team effort.

Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner

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