Difference Between Hydrating & Moisturizing

    Difference Between Hydrating & Moisturizing


    One thing that we know all too well in the curly hair community is that moisturized hair is the main goal of our hair journey. We all desire long lasting moisture, healthy hair growth and juicy lush curls.  However, we tend to go in blind before fully understanding how to properly treat and maintain our curly hair.  In order to achieve our objective of fully moisturizer curls, we need to 1st distinguish between moisturizing and hydrating and how to effectively apply each process to your hair routine. Hydrating is about water absorption and moisturising refers to water retention. Now let's take a deeper look into this topic. 

    Hydrating is the process of saturating the hair with water. It's deep absorption process softens the hair and makes it more pliable and receptive to the usage of hair products.  It's true that wet hair is at its weakest state but it's also an opportunity to strengthen the hair. Since the hair cuticles are open, It's a great time to nourish and infused the hair with the essential ingredients. Common ways to deeply hydrate and nourish your hair is through deep conditioning such as 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme, hair masks and hair rinses such as Cachos Brazil Rice & Amla rinse.

    Moisturizing on the other hand, is the process of locking hydration into the hair and closing the opened hair cuticles for longer moisture retention. In order to properly moisturize the hair, a product, such as sealing oils and 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme, must be used in the process. What this does is help maintain the hydration locked deep inside the hair. The right moisturizer will also help shield the hair from weather damage, give it luster and help maintain the hair moisturized for a number of days.

     Adopting a process such as LOC or LCO method will ensure that you're following the proper steps to keep your hair moisturizerd for a number of days and protected from dryness and ultimately breakage. Also using products that are right for your hair porosity level, such as Cachos Brazil Low and High Porosity Hair Elixir will help you maintain the moisture in your hair. The right hair method and products can make all the difference.

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