Combing your Hair: Know the best way to do it

    Combing your Hair: Know the best way to do it

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    Combing our hair seems to be a simple part of our routine. As we know when it comes to wash day, every step matters. Lack of careful attention to a particular step can compromise the health of our hair which will be apparent over time. With that in mind, I have selected 3 tips for you to slay your wash day and have shinier and healthy hair.
    1. Start from the bottom to the top 
    If you have the habit of combing your hair from the root to the ends, it’s time to do the opposite. To avoid tangling your strands, I recommend that you begin at ends and comb the length of your hair headed towards the root. Don’t pull on your hair, comb it gently and without rushing. 
    2. Use a crème or leave-in to comb 
    Those of us with natural or curly hair know how essential the right product can be to our wash day routine and its success. The crème (5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Crème) or leave-in (Rio Mist Leave-in Conditioner) will help the comb glide easier. By coating your strands with them it’ll help reduce friction and ultimately reduce breakage.  

    3. 2nd Day Hair 
    The days after your wash day we normally have to adjust a few strands here and there.  It is important that you apply an oil to your hand to protect not only the style but the fragility of your hair. Depending on the initial product you used, you may be able to refresh with water only. If you find that the strands need a few more products, emulsify a bit of water and apply it to the strand you’re trying to adjust. 

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