5 Reasons why you should deep condition your curly or natural hair regularly

    5 Reasons why you should deep condition your curly or natural hair regularly

    5 Reasons why you should deep condition your curly or natural hair regularly

    Just like we have to face the ups and downs of everyday life, so does our hair. Environmental factors such as pollution, wind, rain, heat, even our home heater and air condition can put stress on our hair. Simple acts such as styling, washing, and combing can be too much manipulation and can be especially damaging to curly and natural hair. The beautiful coils and curls of your hair don't allow for natural oils to travel to the ends of your hair with ease, leaving the ends of your hair vulnerable.  Regardless of the seasons, deep conditioning should be part of your regular hair care routine. 

    Who should deep condition?

    Although deep conditioning is an important technique for all hair types, it's especially necessary for curly and natural hair. The curves, curls and coils of your hair prevents the scalps' natural oil from making its way fully down the hair, leaving the lower part of the hair exposed and unprotected. That’s why using products, like 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme, are important for curly and natural hair.

    How to deep condition

    Shampoo your hair as usual. Next, apply the creme to the hair and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes for an intense conditioning.  Last, rinse it off and style as usual. You can also sit under a hooded dryer to help infuse the ingredients into the hair. Just make sure to put on a plastic cap on when using this method, so the hair remains we. No need to add additional conditioner.

     The 5 reasons:

    Moisturizes to keep the structure of your hair intact

    It helps maintain long lasting moisture retention until your next wash days in most cases. Without moisture your hair just simply won’t thrive. It’ll be dry, brittle, lack shine and it’ll begin to break down the structure of your hair. Your hair will be deprived of essential nutrients. The hair’s natural keratin will suffer. You may develop scalp issues such as dandruff and worsen scalp conditions such as psoriasis. Water alone can not moisturize your hair. Deep conditioners such as 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme will seal in moisture and infuse proper nutrients into the hair.

    Prevents damage from everyday activities

    Adopting a consistent deep conditioning regimen is essential. Damaged and healthy hair will benefit from this routine. It helps reduce breakage, split ends, it restores nutrients and protects the hair. It treats the hair after the harshness of shampooing and prepares the hair to withstand normal everyday activities such as detangling. 

     It promotes elasticity

    The bonds of the hair begin to break down when the hair is dry and brittle. The hair becomes less pliable, making any type of manipulation a harmful act. The hair snaps and breaks easily and split ends become an issue. Deep Conditioning promotes softness, nourishes, strengthens and maintains the bonds of your hair. It makes detangling an easier process as the hair has the elasticity to handle it.

     Color treated hair

     We all like to switch up sometimes and color our hair and we can with a simple routine adjustment. We know that coloring the hair can cause the hair’s bonds to begin to break down. Any chemicals that are introduced to the hair alters the structure of the hair. It can weaken the strands to the point of breakage. A weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning routine is very helpful for preventing and repairing damage.

     Restores the hair’s natural shine

    The goal is to restore or maintain the hair’s natural shine and deep conditioning regularly can do that. It helps penetrate the hair shaft to deposit essential nutrients and it aligns the hair cuticles to keep moisture in the hair. So with deep conditioning, the appearance of your hair will shine and luster.

    About 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme

    Spring, Winter, Summer or Fall: All you have to do is call on 5 in 1 Brazilian Combing Creme. 5 in 1 creme can be used as a curl defining creme, moisturizer, deep conditioner, pre-shampoo treatment and a detangler. Brazilian Combing Crème is a revolutionizing deep moisturizer. It offers amazing curl definition as it coats and shapes every strand and controls frizz. It smoothes the cuticles back into alignment. As a deep conditioning treatment, its enriched with fatty acids that deeply infuses the hair with nutrients and vitamins. It helps replenish, hydrate and treat the hair. Plus, it seals in moisture for maximum hydration, quenching dry hair. As a detangler this emollient crème provides plenty of slip to reduce friction, the comb glides through tangles to prevent breakage and knots. Combing Creme is an ideal hair primer as it coats each strand to protect the hair during the styling process and weather damage. During 2nd day hair, the crème reactivates your curl just by spraying water to your hair. Make sure to adopt Brazilian Combing Crème as part of your healthy hair regimen. It truly is the best thing that happened to curly hair.

    Tips on How to Deep Condition

    Deep condition bi-weekly or once a month, you don’t want to over condition the hair.
    Sit under a hooded dryer for at least 15 minutes to help infuse the deep conditioner. You’ll want to place a plastic cap on in this method to keep hair wet.
    Use cool water to rinse your hair so the cuticles will close and keep all the great ingredients that were just infused into the hair. 

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