5 Benefits of Pre-Shampoo Treatments That You May Not Know

    5 Benefits of Pre-Shampoo Treatments That You May Not Know

    5 Benefits of Pre-Shampoo Treatments That You May Not Know

    The goal of naturals and curlys is to have healthy hair. We use methods such as curly girl method, LOC or LCO to protect and maintain our hair moisturized. One routine that we at Cachos Brazil Hair Care have been preaching since day one is Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Just like cleansing and conditioning your hair, Pre-Shampoo is essential. As we know by now, shampooing, although a necessary act, can be very harmful to the hair. So what is one to do? Well, Pre-shampoo Treatment is the antidote. 

    What is a Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

    Pre-Shampoos are applied before you shampoo your hair. They can be applied to wet hair or dry hair. And depending on the product, you can leave it on for a minute or overnight. There’re many types of pre-shampoo treatments. Some are water and surfactant based and some are oils and butters based. Here at Cachos Brazil we have chosen all natural ingredients for superior results as the goal is to be a protector from harsh non natural ingredients and restore damaged hair and color treated hair.

    What is the Purpose of Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

    Natural and curly hair tends to be more fragile when it’s wet. The application of shampoo, which requires rubbing and massaging, can break the hair. What a Pre-Shampoo Treatment will do is coat and add a layer of protection to ease shampooing. Depending on the Treatment it’s also a good time to detangle your hair with methods like finger detangling. Cachos Brazil’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment is a combination of oils such as buriti and butters such as ucuuba, so not only will it coat your hair but it’ll also infuse nutrients into the hair and help loosen build up. Our Restorative Pre-Shampoo treatment is a must for the restoration of damaged or color treated hair.

    Who Can Use Pre-Shampoo Treatments?

    All hair types should pre-shampoo, especially natural and curly hair. Damaged or color treated  hair should not skip this treatment but in fact make it a point to always fit it into your routine. 

    How to Use Pre-Shampoo Treatment

    Every product has its own set of instructions on how to use it. The following are instructions based on our Restorative Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Before applying, detangle the hair while dry, then section it into 2 to 4 parts. Secure each part with clips. Scoop up a small amount of the treatment then rub your hands together to melt the product into an oil. Gently apply and smooth the oil on the hair section by section, working the Restorative Pre-Shampoo Treatment into the hair. Once you've applied the natural product, place a plastic shower cap on your hair to create moderate heat. Sit under a hooded dryer at a low setting, this is optional. Leave the Treatment on for 15 to 30 minutes. Then wash your hair, as usual with warm water. You may need to shampoo twice, but your hair will be protected.

    5 Benefits of Pre-Shampooing

    Strengthens & Protects damaged and color treated hair from shampooing

    As mentioned above, the act of shampooing is harsh on the hair especially when it’s wet. The pre-shampoo treatment will coat the hair and add layers to protect the hair. Damaged and color treated hair is extra fragile.The right treatment will strengthen and align the cuticles to prevent breakage.

    Makes detangling easier

    An emollient pre-shampoo treatment will aid in the act of detangling while the hair is dry which is when the hair is less fragile. Tangles should melt away much easier. We recommend finger detangling.

    Nourishes your ends

    The ends of your hair is the oldest part of the hair therefore it’s the most fragile.  Pre-shampooing helps nourish and protect to prevent unnecessary breakage.

    Protects the crown of your hair

    We seldom focus on the crown of your hair yet it’s the most exposed. It’s exposed to the environment such as the sun, wind and even styling. By nourishing your hair with a treatment it’ll help your new growth flourish. 

    Helps the hair hold moisture

    Healthy hair holds moisture a lot better. Mostly because the cuticles are nicely aligned, which creates longer moisture retention. Damaged hair also benefits tremendously. The right pre-shampoo treatment will penetrate and fill the gaps found in damaged hair to give it a better look and feel.

    About our Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment

    Strengthen, repair and restore your hair with just one application of the Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Our Brazilian ingredients work in harmony to deeply penetrate the hair cuticles. Replenishing lost nutrients & keratin to dry damaged, thirsty hair from the inside out. Allowing the hair to hold on to moisture longer, to control frizz, rejuvenate and revive dry lifeless hair. Nourish your ends and edges to prevent split ends and thinning. Experience the difference for yourself with just one application.  


    Apply on workout days. The heat from your workout will take the place of sitting underneath a hooded dryer.

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