3 Benefits of Finger Detangling

    3 Benefits of Finger Detangling

    As naturals and curlies, we despise the B word, breakage. We work so hard to maintain the health of our hair only to have it ruined by a styling tool. Finger detangling is a gentle way to separate knots that are common in our hair type. It reduces tension that causes the hair to snap or causes single strand knots. Here’re 3 benefits of finger detangling that you may want to consider.

    1. Gentler on the hair
    Finger detangling is a lot gentler on the hair then using a tool. When we use a tool such as a brush, our natural instinct is to comb through the knots. However, when using your fingers, you can feel the knots. so you can separate it with more care and be gentler. We tend to be a lot more patient with the finger detangling process. 

    2. Allows the hair to maintain its natural pattern.
    The bristles of a brush will manipulate our hair pattern to its desired form. When we use our fingers our hair's natural pattern takes form and gives your hair more volume. You have to trust the process. The hair needs time to get used to the new routine. It’s just like using a new product for the first time, one time may not be enough for the hair to like the product. So give it time when transitioning from using a tool to finger detangling.

    3. Less tension on the hair.
    Our hair is prone to damage. Tension is one of the biggest culprits of hair breakage. That’s why using a product with slip, such as 5 in 1 Brazilian combing crème, can be extremely helpful in preventing the hair from snapping. It also helps prevent single strand knots.


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