Curl Goal-a Must Add to Your Washday Routine in 2023

Curl Goal-a Must Add to Your Washday Routine in 2023

What better way to welcome the New Year than by setting curly hair aspirations? My hair, like yours, takes a hammering from weather fluctuations and overall grooming.

Make sure you're giving your hair the TLC it needs to maintain its health and lovely curls. It's possible that you're interested in experimenting with a new hairstyle, mastering the art of tangle prevention, or taming unruly frizz. Curly hair can be challenging to maintain, but it can be done!

This article is part of a 3 part series that highlights the curl goal must adds to your washday routine in 2023.

Scalp pre-shampoo treatment

Scalp pre-shampoo treatment is a great way to nourish and protect your scalp. It can help to reduce inflammation, soothe itchiness, and balance moisture levels, as well as provide nutrients to the scalp.

Andiroba oil is a fantastic oil for the scalp that combats dryness and inflammation while removing build-up. The scalp's natural oils are also balanced, promoting healthy hair development. When applied to curly hair, andiroba oil helps retain moisture, enhances volume, and defines the naturally occurring curl pattern.

Some of the other benefits of Andiroba oil include the following.

  • Removes build-up
  • Strengthens hair structure.
  • Scalp pre-shampoo treatment.
  • Defines curl pattern.
  • Soothes irritated scalp.
  • Deeply hydrates your curls.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips to make your hair thrive in 2023.

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